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Decorative Fine Art Gourds
As elegant decor for your home, these one-of-a-kind gourds can be spectacular gifts for yourself or someone special.  All designs on the gourds are hand-crafted, hand painted, hand-carved, woodburned onto the gourd or sculpted from gourd pieces,  Place mouse over each picture for a Quick View of details, or CLICK on a picture for a larger view. You can select PREV or NEXT at the top of the page for the larger slide views in that 'section'.
Dancing in the Rain
Victorian Rose Lampshade (Closeup)
Victorian Rose Floor Lamp
Large bushel gourd with three handpainted roses, lace and pearl appliques and 4" white fringe.
Rocking Horse Lamp (Front) with a painted boy on a rocking horse, a tricycle and locomotive painted on the sides.  A toy box is painted on the back.
Back view of the Rocking Horse Lamp.
Biker Bear Lamp
Gourd shade has woodburned, hand-painted biker bear on front, motorcycle on back.  Paw print cutout designs on sides.
Hint of Asia
This gourd has a bonsai tree on one side and an oriental bird on the other.
Do the Unexpected
Be Unforgetable
IJealous Cause I'm Beautiful?
It's Fabulous to Be Unique
Free to Be Me