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Decorative Fine Art Gourds
As elegant decor for your home, these one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted gourds can be spectacular gifts for yourself or someone special.  Place mouse over each picture for a Quick View of details, or CLICK on a picture for a larger view. You can select PREV or NEXT at the top of the page for the larger slide views in that 'section'.
Empress of the Dance - Dancing goddess was hand-carved from a gourd piece and attached to a separate gourd.  A very faint accent light shines behind the figure.
Red Peacock 
Large gourd is trimmed with red leather and adorned with real pheasant feather and peacock feathers.  Sits on a base.
Gourd is cut and designed to mimic the ceramic base.
Half stained, half painted with turquoise leather accent.
Victorian Rose Floor Lamp
Large bushel gourd with three handpainted roses, lace and pearl appliques and 4" white fringe.
Victorian Rose Lampshade (Closeup)
Deer on Mountain Top
Woodburned deer stands on moiuntain top surveying the valley below.  Sits on real deer antlers.
Cool Ice
Sage and Lavender gourd 'icyles' with glitter sparkling on  tips.
Hint of Asia
This gourd has a bonsai tree on one side and an oriental bird on the other.
Natural stained gourd with cut outs
and a green rhinestone accent.
March of the Jungle Animals
Various animalk silhouettes surround this gourd.
Flavor of Ireland
Shed Harvest 
Real Deer Antler sits on buttery leather.  Rhododendren sheath around top edge with feather medallion attached.
Rust and Red
Mahogany-stained gourd with leather inset trimmed in red leather.  Eye-catching red necklace accent.
Black Tux
Shiny black gourd with white leather 'tux' trimmed in copper leather.  Black medallion.
Cactus Windows
Cactus fiber aroiund 4 sides.
Biker Bear Lamp
Gourd shade has woodburned, hand-painted biker bear on front, motorcycle on back.  Paw print cutout designs on sides.
Scarecrow Lamp
Sunflowers, cornstalks and crows surround all sides of this lampshade.  Sunflower finial sits on top of shade.
Jungle Cats Lamp - Tiger & Leopard side
Large lamp with 4 hand painted jungle cats amid vining leaves.
Jungle Cats Hanging Lamp
Cheetah and Lion side
A Splash of Red
Red accent around cactus fiber.
A Bear in the Sbowy Woods
Woodburned bear among cedar trees and snow.
Eagle Eyes
Garden Bouquet 
Hand painted bouquet.